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Filtration of Cleaning Liquids

Clean components being the objective of cleaning machine, filtration of cleaning fluid is the key and affects consistency of the machine, we at Cleanstar machine use the best of technology available for better performance of the cleaning machine. A better filtration system gives longevity to bath solution, consistent cleanliness values and better machine life with low cost operation.

Cleaning fluids are often chemically active. This calls for a wise selection of filtration materials. Water based alkaline chemicals are used to saponify the oils on components. For filtration of these, SS meshes; man-made fiber felts etc. are used.

OTo have control over the size or quantum of dirt coming in the parts washers, it is necessary to add some features that reduce the load on the filters. Following are some of the peripherals that are used for this purpose.

Basket Strainers / Chip tray

These can conveniently handle large size of chips. Need manual cleaning

Bag Type Filters

If coarse dirt is to be collected, a mesh type bag is used. For low flows and fine filtration requirements polyester felt bags are proposed. These are provided in simplex or duplex type housings with disposable filter bags.

Self Cleaning Filters

During the filtration, suspended particles accumulate inside the filter element. Based on preset differential pressure or preset timer the drain open to discharge the slurry containing solid particles. A pair of rotating brush continuously cleans the filtering surface

Compact Paper band filter

These are automatic and compact design giving high filtration efficiency. These are suitable for high flow rate and dirt content and low operating cost.

Magnetic Separators

Helps in removal of ferrous material thus giving cleaner wash tank solution. The ferrous material is separated by a magnetic drum and by using simple adjusting scraper blade.

Simplex Duplex Filter

If a coarse dirt is to be collected a mesh type bag is used for flows and fine filtration requirements polyester felt bag are proposed. These are provided in simplex and duplex type housing with disposable filter bag.

Oil Separators

Oil skimmers

Oil skimmers remove floating oils on the storage tank of water based washing fluid, removing some dirt along with it. They are available in disc type and belt type to suit the application.

Oil Coalescers

Oil Coalescers help to separate oil droplets by gravity which is in suspension in the wash tank bath. It withdraws water and oil, separates them and returns the oil-free water, while the oil is collected in a separate container

Mist Separators

Mist separators are used to extract fumes from the wash chamber for operator comfort and separate the condensate which is returned back to the wash tank thus letting out the fresh air and maintaining the shop floor ambience.

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