Component Cleaning Machines

Top Loading Rotary Component Cleaning Machine

Top Loading Component Cleaning Machine

  • Our Rotary table washing machines has been evolved to provide fast and green cleansing of synthetic components. Suitable for elements with simple geometry with batch of small components loaded on basket or individual big parts on furnishings.
  • In Rotary Table Spray Washers Components could be loaded on Rotary basket, which is rotated with the aid of a motor and gearbox association in sluggish pace.
  • During the rotation, the solution (water alongside alkaline) from the tank is pumped with the help of High Pressure pump to scrub chamber of Top Loading spray washer through inline clear out a couple of and spray nozzles placed above, underneath, and to the perimeters of the rotary desk to attain better diploma of cleansing effects. From Rotary Table Washer Wash chamber it drains again to the tank thru a basket filter.
  • Spray stress indicator (Glycerine filled stress gauge) is provided to reveal the road stress. Low water degree indication and Digital temperature indicator cum controller is provided at the manage panel.